The Kaarls brand was founded in 2017 by Jan Flídr and Jakub Stedina with a desire to realize their own ideas and transform them into functional timeless furniture and furnishings. From the very beginning, Jan has focused on business strategy and brand building and Jakub has set the course for creativity and design.

"Our cooperation started from scratch, when we didn't have a single design in hand. We were sitting in a cafe and thinking about what we really wanted to do. The company name changed three times, we didn't have regular suppliers and we didn't really know each other We just wanted to show everyone that we can design and produce timeless furniture that is competitive on the world market The first sketches set an unmistakable style and showed the power of minimalism and simplicity. Working with talented designers, we are continually expanding individual design directions, always linked by a certain distinctive feature.

Testing new processes and materials is our engine. Progressive approach and experimentation with materials are reflected in our signature and logo. The feeling of knowing that the newly formed shape or material structure used is unique, yet unused by anyone is intoxicating and drives us forward to further challenges. To make something that no one has ever done, with a love of design and an ambition not to be just superficial. We're not afraid to admit product functionality and do things differently."